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About Radek

"From the time I was a child I have told stories through art. My dad was a musician and my mum a teacher so it was no surprise that I was first a professional violin player and then a photographer.

I learnt the basics of the darkroom, shooting black and white film with my very first film camera almost 30 years ago moving into digital around 2004. 

Over the years I’ve been extremely fortunate to have exceptional mentors who have helped me realise that the same rules apply whether telling stories through music or photography. In music, you must have a firm understanding of rhythm, melody and form. In photography, it is about understanding light, composition and capturing the moment. It is about improvising to create something new, exciting, spontaneous and full of emotion. Presenting ordinary sights and surroundings with a refreshing twist.

My passion for photography motivates me to take photos that preserve your precious memories/moments and can be cherished forever."

Radek Rybar is a Portrait and Landscape photographer based in Sydney Australia.

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